I will take Vietnam over Japan anytime

While many tourists praise Japan over Vietnam for its public order and cleanliness, others love the friendly and relaxing vibes in the Southeast Asian nation.

“I went to both countries last year. I will take Vietnam over Japan anytime. The cost of Japan is ridiculously high. Vietnam people were more friendly and more real. In fact Vietnam feels more real. Japan is lights and do-as-you’re-told culture, with money and work so important to them. I love being able to do everything in Vietnam with no worry of cost of transportation, food or hotel.”

“As a tourist you feel welcome and everything is awesome. But if you are working in Japan your view will be very different.”

“Work culture [in Japan] is a bit much no arguments there but taxes and cost of living is in line with most any developed nation.”

“Japan is clean, beautiful and worth experiencing but I don’t really like the Japanese food, probably because it doesn’t suit my taste. Besides sashimi and eel rice, I don’t like any other dishes including famous ones such as tempura, ramen, udon, soba, sushi and miso soup, especially noodle dishes which are not as delicious as Vietnamese pho and vermicelli.”
Thinh Ngo

“I spend 2 weeks in Tokyo every year. Yes very true Japan is clean, safe, pleasant and enjoyable. Need help ask just about anyone. Next time you go to Tokyo, get lost… Then you will discover the help ready Japanese.
Vietnam can be a second Japan, everyone must do his/her share. Vietnam you can do.”